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China Is Growing Old Before It Becomes Rich: Does It Matter?

China’s Demographic Difficulties In 2022, after six consecutive years of declining birth rates, China recorded its first annual population decline since the early 1960s. According to a forecast by the United Nations, China’s population is set to fall from 1.426 billion in 2022 to 1.313 billion in 2050 and drop below 800 million by 2100….

Measurement Muddle: China’s GDP Growth Data and Potential Proxies

How Do We Know if China is Growing?  How fast is China’s economy growing? Or given the recent trends, how much is it slowing down? Obtaining a reliable answer to these seemingly straightforward questions has proved amazingly elusive. Despite the production of mountains of official data and a plethora of unofficial estimates, these are questions…

How U.S.-China Tensions Have Hurt American Science

There is a growing concern in Washington that the United States government, its companies, and universities have helped drive the rapid growth of China’s high-tech sector to the detriment of America’s overall national interest. Accusations of intellectual property (IP) theft and state-sponsored industrial espionage by China have loomed large in the bilateral relationship. These concerns…